Mining Cole – Part Two

Some of my notes taken from reading Organic Church by Neil Cole. Get your hard hat, gloves and pick as we mine a little Cole.

Tony Dale: …. church multiplication is never going to be a spectator sport.

Curtis Sergeant: Organic Church was written by a practitioner.

Michael Steele: This book will ignite hearts to live out their faith in organic communities…

Greenhouse is training in church planting and discipleship. These are held across the USA and around the world by bold folk who are willing to set them up and take responsibility financially. See the site for upcoming Greenhouses.

Excellent video on the DNA of church, Neil Cole on p.109 Mapping the DNA of Christ’s Body The Kingdom of God was always meant to spread spontaneously. NC

Leonard Sweet: Ministry happens best not in planned ways but naturally, organically, and often when we are on our way to do something else. xiv Foreword

Neil Cole – NC: We need to…”lower the bar of how church is done and raise the bar of what it means to be a disciple.” xv Foreword (see, What is Simple Church?)

Preface comment: You will be amazed what people will do for Jesus that they will not do for your vision statement. NC – Neil Cole Buy a copy of Search and Rescue here or on Buy a copy of Organic Church here or on


About Bruce Dickey

Guitarmaker and follower of Christ. Luthier since 1996. Christ follower since 1957. Russellville, Arkansas, USA. James 1:27 Visit the widow and the fatherless. They might just need you.
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6 Responses to Mining Cole – Part Two

  1. More good stuff, brother.

  2. Bruce Dickey says:

    Have you been to the Greehouse 1 Training? I noticed Neil and Ed Waken are teaming up for one near Dallas, and at a much reduced rate too. Jan. 14 weekend 2011. I’m making plans to attend it’s within driving distance.

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