Mission to Mongolia, Phillipines, and India

Book Re-Sizer.

Shipping Cole overseas.

The operation was a success.

Tailor made for the USPS Small Flat Rate Box

Thanks Mike Jentes, my Parcel Post package came today!

Still packing, but headed out the door momentarily.

The United States Postal Services Small Flat Rate Box can be sent all over the world for $13.45 USD. The next size box hits $43 bucks. So with missionary friends in three countries and all wanting copies of Neil Cole’s books drastic measures had to be taken. The books have white area borders unnecessary to reading the text. So, I took them to my bandsaw in the shop. A careful cut to 8 7/16″ by 5 1/4″ will allow me to send two books in this small box. Sacrifices must be made to the larger book as well, it’s hardcover must come off, that saves right at 1/4 inch of thickness.

Yes, I know, Kindle would be nice, or Kindle for PC. Some of these brothers have no cash, and a credit card to keep on file at Amazon. So we are stuck doing it the old fashioned way, the Guttenberg way, plus one Delta 14 inch bandsaw. Here you go Molong, Munkhuu, and Gyan. Merry Christmas!


About Bruce Dickey

Guitarmaker and follower of Christ. Luthier since 1996. Christ follower since 1957. dickeyguitars.com Russellville, Arkansas, USA. James 1:27 Visit the widow and the fatherless. They might just need you.
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7 Responses to Mission to Mongolia, Phillipines, and India

  1. If your page margins cause you to sin, cut them off. It would be better to enter the kingdom of heaven without margins. 🙂 Well done, brother.

  2. molong nacua says:

    hey brucey, wow, cool, you have an idea! thank you!

  3. Mike Jentes says:

    Hey bro, Great Story!!!
    Fortunately Search & Rescue has been re-released as a paperback– Ordinary Hero. You can check it out at http://cmaresources.org/ordinary-hero
    Hopefully that will fit!

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  5. Bruce Dickey says:

    I made my order Dec 6th. Today the books arrived Dec 13th. Postal Service states 6 to 10 days for International Priority Mail. So by Dec 23rd it should be there. If know, just know this: It’s not because we didn’t try! Merry Christmas.

  6. Bruce Dickey says:

    Got a surprise package today in the mail from Church Multiplication Associates CMA. Inside were two books: Search and Rescue, a hardback, and Ordinary Hero, a paperback, new cover, Neil Cole’s original title. His publisher suggested the name Search and Rescue for the original release. One thing I appreciate is that Neil was vocal to his readers about the fact it was not a new book and discouraged buying it if you had the hardback. Thanks for the additional copies and Merry Christmas to my friends at CMA including Mike Jentes. Yes, this would have been helpful, the thin covers allow it to fit with Organic church without a thickness reduction as seen above. I do believe the margins would have to be removed as I did before. bd

  7. Bruce Dickey says:

    Here it is January 19, 2011, just heard from the last of three friends in foreign countries that were sent a duo of Neil Cole’s books Organic Church and Search and Rescue. Munkhuu reports receipt of the book package in Mongolia. I heard from India and Gyan too, his came to a friends location some distance away, but they are there. Pray for the violence in West Bengal, it appears there is deadly unrest there I’m sad to report. Also in the Phillipines, Molong reports his package arrived in Cebu Queen City of the South! Thank you Lord for blessing all of us. Use these small gifts of encouragement to help us, amen!

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