Mining Cole – Part Seven, Organic Church

As I read Neil Cole’s book Organic Church, I made notes of important quotes or otherwise interesting things I found. This is one of the most spiritual books ever. Please join me in part seven of mining a little Cole.

In a flat structure, one that does not employ a hierarchical leadership model, authority is still delegated, but not from layers above only from the King Himself. NC, p.135

As our grants decreased and we did not have money to offer people, a strange thing occurred that we did not expect: Leaders of a higher caliber joined us who were not asking for or expecting money. NC regarding Church Multiplication Associates – CMA, pgs. 137-138

My goal is not to build an organization, a denomination, or an agency. My goal is a real movement, an epidemic. NC, p. 138

I am willing to give everything for the DNA, and I do so with confidence that it is enough if we are all attached to Jesus as the Head of the Church. NC p.139

Don’t bash the bride, no matter how ugly she looks to you. If you start attacking the bride, sooner or later you’re going to have to take on the Groom and I don’t think you want that. NC, countering young idealists in the movement, p. 139

IT TAKES GUTS TO CARE FOR PEOPLE, NC, the title of Chapter 10, says a lot doesn’t it? p. 143

“No, no, no. What is a person worth to you?” Goeth interrupts. Schindler smiles: he has a deal, a very costly one. From the movie: Schindler’s List, p. 143

“I have not come to judge the world but to save it.” Jesus from John 3:17, p. 147. So I suggest we not expect wisdom and righteous actions from lost people. We need to stop judging them and start feeling compassion for them, as Jesus did. NC, pg. 148-149

The converts are the workers. NC, subtitle from three pages of chapter 10, p. 149

When we allow, or even demand, that new converts wait and receive instruction and training before they can become workers, we are effectively granting them permission to be passive, inactive, selfish, and stagnant. NC, p. 150

Below has decided to start AutoMatically GeneRated Posts on MY BLOG, possibly ReLATed? What’s up with this? So to be fair, here is a rebuttal to Jeremy Berg’s: A Lesson For Organic Church Leaders below. Neil Cole shares the Real Dirt on Organic Church after a fellow named Brian Hofmeister wrote an article The Dirt on Organic. Have a look and let’s keep mining a little Cole! Thanks.

THE REAL DIRT ON ORGANIC by NEIL COLE, a rebuttal of Brian Hofmeister’s article on Christianity Today.


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