Customer Review – Organic Church by Neil Cole

AMAZON.COM Customer Review by Bruce Dickey

Neil Cole’s book Organic Church, Growing Faith Where Life Happens

Neil Cole, Jesus Follower, Practitioner, Buy This Book, Thanks, November 21, 2010

Neil Cole’s book Organic Church chronicles a return to growing faith organically. Cole is one those Christians that you just may immediately like. In regard to the church fulfilling it’s destiny, this is a pivotal work. In regard to the individual believer fulfilling his or her destiny, it’s liberation and license rolled into one. The truth is: Jesus came to set us free from religious bondage and at the same time empower us to do the work of the coming kingdom, no license required.

The anointed idea of Life Transformation Groups is worth the price of the book. p. 27-28, 67-68, 111. If you have this book and missed this point, here is your flashing sign of a God-idea if I ever saw one….

In these weekly small groups: They read copious amounts of scripture, answer character questions in small settings of two or three, pray specifically for the lost and write their names down to pray through the week.

Cole plays down the hindrances to spontaneous expansion of the church, but at least acknowledges their existence: buildings, budgets, and big shots. It cannot help but anger those in traditional church settings to hear this said, out loud. I remember also how Jesus himself upset the religious leaders of his day that had drifted off into the traditions of men. Neil plays it cool and is not bent on ruffling feathers, but in helping newbies find their organic wings and learn to fly.

Now I also want to recommend a follow-up book: Search and Rescue. This really gets into Life Transformation Groups in more detail and I think it serves as a true sequel to Organic, icing on the cake for sure. Neil was nice enough recently to post that his new book Ordinary Hero is actually the same book. And even went further stating that another book Cultivating a Life for God is the same material aimed at a different audience. I appreciate not having to find this out on my own.

And if this isn’t enough check out [.link removed by], lots of good stuff. I particularly like the articles and one specific page: 20 Books That Shaped Us. The rest is up to you. Cheers, Bruce

Follow Up Comment, November 23, 2010

Bruce Dickey says:
Check out Neil’s web site for Church Multiplication Associates via Google. CMA Resources dot org is fantastic, lots of articles and encouragement from brothers and sisters of like mind and temperament. Thank you Neil for being you and sharing with the rest of us church as God wants it. bd


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2 Responses to Customer Review – Organic Church by Neil Cole

  1. Rob Ross says:

    I particularly liked the book as it read as if he was talking to me. It is not a theoretical textbook but rather comes from Neil’s own experiences. The ideas he shared came across as actions I found I wanted to incorporate into my own life. Though I have read many books on organic church since this book was first written it still has a profound impact on my ministry. Thanks for sharing Bruce.

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