About Me

Can anything good come out of Arkansas? A Jesus follower since I was five. Baptized by age 14. Married to Kay at 20. Still am. Attendant membership in three different denominational churches totalling 51 years. Only recently learned of Organic Church, experiencing the joy of embracing fully the DNA Jesus intended for every believer. [Take part of that DNA away, block people from it, or add anything to it and you have a somewhat compromised, somewhat crippled, somewhat impotent church.] Jesus never intended for that to happen, but he did warn us it would. Here’s a cheer to all those, like myself, that hear an increasingly louder drum beat from heaven and from within, to restore the full DNA to the church. It’s time to RE-COMMISSION the GREAT COMMISSION of Matthew 28, then go and make disciples of all nations. Jesus said he is with us until the end of the age and if that is true: Let’s get cracking.


4 Responses to About Me

  1. Ray Henley says:

    hey that makes two of us from arkansas. Ray henley here from El Dorado, David Platt. Francis Chan, and Neil Cole has turned my world up side down. God is doing a tremendus work in these guys and I am blown away by organic Church. I dont know how we have gotten to this point but the church is Jacked-up. I would love to talk to you a bit about your experience with organic church. Have you been to a green house? how long have you been at this? what do you think of your results? GO math. 28

  2. Hey guys, I’m in Springdale. I serve with a conventional church up here which is going missional. I think we’re going to host a Greenhouse in late August/early September. God has brought tons of like minded people across my path up here and something big is brewing. I’d love to hear about your experiences and share ideas. My email is nathan@pscconline.org. Check out our website at http://pscconline.org

  3. nothing wrong out that way!!!lol Im from back east moved to the mid- west so all is ok!!

  4. Bruce Dickey says:

    Hi Nathan and Sheila. God is stirring among the believers! Come Lord Jesus, come!

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