MSLO kids



Greetings in Jesus’ name folks.  This blog page was inadvertently placed in the wrong blog.  These kids are from Kadima Village nw of a town in Western Kenya called Mumias.  This my friends is my organic church, this is my mission field.  These are my sons and daughters.  Here I found my Luke 10 person of peace.  Collins was challenged by his dying daddy, take care of the widows and orphans.  That was 2007.

Collins like many graduating high schoolers went off to boarding school high school and then a couple years of college.  To what end?  There are few jobs in Kenya.  Seeing the need of street kids, he invited eight to come live with him, giving them food, clothes, and a place to shelter, his apartment.  He was 22 years old.  When I met him there were 100 children, he had hired teachers and rented a property where they all could live.  With a bank loan co-signed by his mom Celestine, they started Mones School Complex.  Mones means savior in Swahili.

This is about where I came in, an aging American Christian.  We met online, on Facebook, and well, that is where the story begins of me buying hungry kids a big bag of rice.  You can pick up on this story here 2.5 years later. .  Here we document our struggles of a handful of folks from half a world away to care for a small population of orphans and volunteer staff at My Savior Lives Orphanage and School.  You may have noticed the name change.  I told Collins that his school complex was better identified as an orphanage, as a family for these poor and unfortunate kids who had their parents swept away.

Please come and learn more and “walk with us” as the Lord may lead you to journey with us a few miles.  Welcome to the person of peace, Collins, welcome to family, welcome to the mission field, welcome to ekklesia, we are organic church, gathered under our Lord Jesus.  Consider this your invitation to Kenya.  Sincerely, Bruce Dickey, advocate for MSLO orphans.

Click here to be transported to Mumias Kenya and Kadima Village, and to a church family of 101 kids, MSLO orphanage.



Hope Wanijiku




Najima Said











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